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For some, railroads are just normal tracks where trains come and go. Others may see as pieces of metal that are made to give way to a new innovative mode of transport that allows people to travel long distances at a shorter period of time. But for us, we look at railroads and we see beautiful structures of art that need to be captured and immortalized through pictures and images.


Railroad photography



Railroad photography has been existing since the first invention of cameras in 1816. Trains actually preceded photographic tools, as it was invented in the early 16th century. Trains or locomotives, amsterdam city walking tour, were formerly used to transport goods and metals from one area to another. It was not until the 1800s that it became one of the most convenient ways to travel for people.

The camera, on the other hand, has evolved from the basic piece of paper coated with silver chloride to the mirrorless ones that we have today. A camera may take ordinary pictures for some people. But for experts who are equipped with the experience and the training in photography, they can transform a normal everyday scene into one breathless and interesting image.

Our organization


We are a group of railroad photographers who established this organization to take care of and protect the art of railroad photography. Not many people are aware that there exists an art that captures the essence of railroads, tracks, and trains. We hope to educate the public through this organization.

Our team


This organization was established in 2001 by around 20 photographers from around the world when they met at a convention during an Amsterdam City trip. The gathering was about railroad photography as it features the best and the most iconic photos of the past and present generation, check out usar cupon en aliexpress. These photographers asked themselves the same question, “What to do in Amsterdam?”

They had the same passion for railroad photography. They know that this form of art must be preserved and maintained every year. They developed plans and programs that they wanted to do to make sure that railroad photography is known and seen in the center stage.

In 2004, they opted to build a website to showcase the talents of all railroad photographers, to announce special activities and events, and give the greatest deals on products related to this kind of photography. This includes coupon codes on products and voucher codes on conference tickets when you shop online, find out glasvezel internet postcode check.

Our events

We established a museum that gives a platform to thousands of historic images of railroads, tracks, and trains. People flock to this museum to see these photos by famous artists and railroad photography enthusiasts.

You will see images of different kinds of tracks, from wooden to metal. You will also witness photos of various kinds of trains and locomotives used both for goods and for human transport. The angles, the backdraft, the country, and the styles incorporated in each drawing makes each image stand out on its own.
We also conduct mini-museums during special events throughout the country so that people can better grasp the history and the art behind railroad photography, know where to buy traffic for website reviews.