What is railroad photography?

Railroad photography, in its broadest sense, is taking a picture of a railroad, its tracks, the train, the horizon with the tracks as its foreground, or anything related to railroading. This style of photography can be traced back to the pioneer run of the first train ever built. Today, railroad photography is known as an art in its purest form.


What is your website all about?

We did build a website for those who are seeking to find art in the most surreal places known to man- the railroad. Trains and the tracks seem to present a kind of poetic scenery to most of us that no other event in our lives is able to replicate. Because of this majestic experience, we want people to know more about this art and to teach more about the styles, the types, and the abilities that you can master when you do railroad photography.


Do you have a museum?

Yes. We have a popular museum that is well-known for its vast collection of railroad photographs from different eras. You can see different types of trains being uniquely captured and taken by different artists from around the globe. All it takes to get the best photo is a good camera and a great angle. Whether you are on an Amsterdam top sightseeing, vacationing in Japan, or visiting someone in Australia, a good opportunity for a photograph is just one snapshot away.


Do you train aspiring photographers?

Yes. We do partner with different organizations as part of our reaching-out program that takes care of training people to be better railroad photographers. You can take a look at our yearly calendar to know more about our schedules and training.


Is there a limitation to railroad photography?

There is no limitation to railroad photography. But you have to keep in mind that safety is still a priority. Do not endanger yourself while you try to capture that perfect shot.


How do I contact you?

You can send us your questions and inquiries through our contact page. Be sure to place all the needed personal information so that we can get back to you as soon as we can.